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windowspasswordI’ve started to come up against a problem at work due to the new ability to use a Microsoft account to login to windows XP after I forgot Windows XP password by accident. I often have to test PCs when customers return them with alleged faults for a well known company, but frequently the person returning the machine is not the user or only user.

This hasn’t been a problem until now as there are lots of Windows password removal tools including some free programs but now I’m starting to encounter Microsoft account passwords which cannot be reset in the same way a local password can. Having had a good look out there I can find only one title that claims to do it.

Problem is the company actually has this site blocked by its content filtering software and the rules state that the company expenses account can only be used through the company Internet connection by the designated employee. I can request this site be taken off the blacklist but the process takes 4-8 weeks and I am getting 2-3 a day which is causing me a backlog.

I have tried proxies but they are all blocked and wouldn’t be a good idea when using a credit card anyway. So can anyone advise me how I could hack Windows XP password manually or any other software they know of retail or freeware? If not, I will have to try my best to find out the answer.

For a long time I was very busy, but I still spare no effort to looking for the solution. Finally I find SmartKey is good so I recommand it to my friends after I use it to recover my lost passwords.

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery can reset any Windows password including Domain Administrator (Active Directory) or other user passwords, It also can change passwords and create a new Administrator user account.

Forgot or lost your Windows password? Wanna create a new Administrator account or change Windows password? That’s it! With this effective Windows Password Recovery software, you can enjoy quick access to your locked computer. No need to call a technician, no need to re-install anything, and you certainly don’t need to reformat. Pretty easy, try it!


SmartKey Windows Password Recoevry also supports Windows 7 password recovery. If you have forgotten password Windows 7 unexpectedly, if you would like to find out ways to crack Windows 7 admin password effectively, it is your choice as well.

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