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After using your computer for a while, it can not run as efficiently as before. Viruses can also cause the computer to run slowly. You can begin to restore your computer to its factory settings again. Factory settings will delete all data on your hard disk and reinstall the original operating system, device drivers and applications. The whole process takes about 1-2 hours to recover the system manually.

1. Back up all files before proceeding. All data will be lost during this process.
2. Insert your quick restore disk or operating system restore disk. One or the other is provided with all manufactured desktops and laptops.
3. Restart your computer. Press any key to boot from the disk. If you’re not prompted to press any key, restart your computer again and press “F12″ during the boot process to view boot options. Select “CDROM” or “CD/DVD” to boot from the CD.
4. Press “Enter” to enter the operating system setup. Press “F8″ to agree to the licensing agreement.
5. Select your main partition, usually your largest partition. If you have no other operating systems loaded this will be the “C:” partition. Press “Enter.”
6. Select “Format the partition using the “NTFS file system (Quick).” Allow the process to complete. Your computer will restart. Don’t press any keys until the “Regional and Language Settings” screen appears.
7. Follow the wizard prompts to set your language and region settings. When prompted, follow the wizard to choose your computer name, administrator password (leave blank if you don’t want a password), network settings (not required at this point) and date and time settings.
8. Allow the operating system to finish loading. When prompted, allow Windows to set up hardware. If you don’t want to configure Internet settings at this time, press “Skip” to continue. Otherwise, enter Internet settings.
9. Insert your drivers and applications disk. If using a quick restore disk, everything may be located on the same disk.
10. Follow the guides on the drivers and applications disk to install all drivers and applications. If you don’t wish to install all applications, select only the ones you wish to install.
11. Remove the disk and restart your computer. Don’t restart your computer until all drivers and applications are installed.

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