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I have a Toshiba Satellite L350D laptop which when booted up asks for a HDD password (which I do not remember setting at any point).

As I understand it, the password is stored on the eeprom on the motherboard so no amount of BIOS flashing etc will have any effect.

The odd thing is though, If I remove the hard drive completely the computer will boot from the cd. If I then connect the hard drive while it is booting from the cd drive then reboot, Windows starts up normally without being asked for the HDD password again.

This remains the case no matter how many times I reboot the computer. I only get asked for the HDD password again when I switch the computer off then switch it back on again.

Can anyone help sort this out as it is obviously not an ideal situation to be having to remove the hard drive and replace it everytime I switch the computer back on, eventually it will break the sata connectors i would have thought.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!!

Answer 1:

Toshiba HDDBut I’ll give you this much. You need to deal with an Authorized Toshiba Service Agent here.

Some Models of Toshiba have a Known Issue about setting Passwords themselves and as Toshiba doesn’t make Service Manuals/Procedures available to the General Trade they like IBM are the only place you can go to for to have things like this fixed.

Though if this is a HDD Password as apposed to a BIOS Password fitting a New HDD would solve the problem for the time being at least.

Answer 2:

It’s part of the hard drive interface specification and it is not easy to bypass, so connecting the drive while booting would not normally allow you to bypass the password.

I’m really surprised that the PC will boot this way and that you have not totally destroyed the PC and/or hard drive booting this way.

Are you able to get into BIOS? From there I would select ‘set to factory defaults’ which should reset it. If your machine has a BIOS battery, perhaps it needs a new one?

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